Message from the Group CEO

  1. Rainbow Seafood Restaurant was established back in 1984 by my father, as a family-run bistro with only forty seatings. In a group of fellow workers toiled under careful management, Rainbow formally entered three decades. Today, Rainbow has become the largest restaurant on Lamma Island, and we have opened branch shops in Shanghai and employs hundreds of staff. I as the second generation of management, would like to express my fearful thanks to all efforts by the Rainbow partners, as well as my parents and my uncle!
    I very much like this saying:"You can know a place by taste...from the ever-changing tastes in food fathom the character of the place; A great place to remember, there must be great food. Taste of sweet, taste of salty, taste of fresh, all together you would get the taste of life." Rainbow - opened in the enchanting fishing village of Sok Kwu Wan, Lamma Island, with simple and beautiful environment. I hope"Lamma Rainbow" can enable you to enjoy the simple, fresh taste of life.