Lamma Fisherfolk s Village

Situated at the beautiful Sok Kwu Wan on Lamma Island, Lamma Fisherfolk's Village is a showcase of the local fisherfolk culture and the history of fishery industry in Hong Kong. Occupying an area of 1,300 m2, the Village comprises of authentic fishing junk & sampan, fishing boat models, an exhibition hall, fishing rafts & dwellings, as well as an open-air dragon boat bar serving traditional snacks, Chinese tea, and fisherfolk's snacks. AllLOCATED on the floating platform at Sok Swu Wan and are connected with the largest fish farm in Hong Kong.

The fishing junk re-visualizes a home of fisherfolk family, is already a past picture of today's metropolitan Hong Kong. Though the display of over 100 exhibits, floating household wares and fishing gears included, the Village demonstrates the traditional life of the boat-dwellers. Visitors could also participate and experience some of the daily fisherfolk activities , such as repairing fish net, feeding the fish and fishing on rafts or even learning how to fix a fish boat.

The village, which is both cultural andEDUCATIONAL, provides a living museum to understand the indigenous culture of this yesterday's fishing town. It is also an ideal site to host a pre-dinner cocktail function or charter for themed activities.

Kamikaze Cave

The cave is situated on the way from Lo So Shing to Sok Kwu Wan. It is said that after Japan invaded Hong Kong, the Kamikaze squad once hid their ships in the cave for defence purpose. 

Lamma Winds

This is Hong Kong's first wind power plant, built to the west of wind power technology, is the first time in the history of Hong Kong Power Development green energy."Windmill" 71 meters high, is open to visitors free visit, the bottom tower has a display that tells you how much wind site, the number of power generation, as well as reducing the number of carbon dioxide.There is a pavilion near the power station, you can enjoy the beautiful views of Hong Kong